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    Elementary School Enrichment
    These lessons provide topical enrichment in a wide range of mathematics.  The goal is to help young students see the
    breadth and diversity of mathematical thought.  They are aimed at 4th and 5th grade accelerated students.  They were
    originally created for use in
    Colorado Springs School District 11 with the support of the Department of Mathematical
    Sciences at the
    United States Air Force Academy.  There are 70 lessons grouped into 12 different units, none of which
    require any specialized background for student or teacher.  The design is for each lesson to take 15-25 minutes of
    student time and be appropriate for independent work (such as during center time in a classroom).  These lessons are
    appropriate for homeschool and classroom use.  Solutions and teacher guides are provided.  They are provided here
    for you to use and/or modify.  If you use the lessons, please
    email me to let me know!

    Presentation & Papers
    My research area is geometric function theory on one complex variable and a bit of complex dynamics.  I also enjoy
    thinking about pedagogical ideas, such as teaching precalculus mathematics, faculty development, and innovative ways
    to teach classes for math majors.

    Math Links
    Links to my favorite web pages about mathematics.